Enemies= Gillian, Bob

|Farren being blocked from hurting her half-brother Ian]]

Farren is a step-daughter of Gillian and a half-sister of Ian and Nora. She obsesses over the clothes she wears. She feels like the freak of the family. She is awaiting her father's return. When she was little, her biological mother passed away. For most of the movie, she, along with Ian hated Bob. She has a crush on Larry one of the terrorists working for DEEZ nuts


Farren is fair complexed,having long, brown- colored hair. She has a lean body, and is really beautiful. She gets in trouble for wearing "inappropriate" clothing. (E.G Extremly short skirts, too-small jeans)

She usually follows the style of her friends, however, which does not please Gillian or Bob, as it is apparently 'too revealling' and inappropriate. Gillian also worries that of Farren following the crowd too much.


Farren is a fashion-loving, but also a bit of an ignorant girl. She hates Bob, and loves her sister, Nora. She, however, gets into a few arguments with Ian during the film, to see how Bob reacts and due to her brother's knack for pulling pranks to get her into trouble.

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